Sunday, 27 May 2012

You will never know me honey :')

From me to you

                                       Life is too short to wake up with regret.So love the people who
                                      treat you right and forget about the ones who don't.Believe that
                                      everything happens with a reason.If youu get a second chance,
                                      grab it with both hands.If it changes your life,let it.

                                                    From you to me

</3 I do not hate you but i have lost all the reason to love you
</3 Being in a relationship is a full tima job don't apply if you are note ready
</3 I don't know why im so afraid to loose you when  you're not even mine
</3 I know you don't care.But i love youu so much
</3 A lonely heart is better than broken heart
</3 Kalau kau kenal siapa NUR AMIRAH BINTI MOHD MONIL youu will know that i will never hate you :')
Its okeyh..I know that actually you are the one who hate me..Cuma ta nakk ngaku je kan..Its ok..Mira paham
(^_^)DON'T MISS ME SO MUCH!(^0^)

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